Saturday, 19 April 2014

Pots Of Easter Fun's Kath
I hope you are all enjoying your Easter weekend
and that the weather is going to be perfect for your egg rolling adventure tomorrow
or if you're like'll be happy sitting on the sofa enjoying the chocolate variety...
I just happened to find some Easter themed paper cups hiding away at the back of a cupboard and thought I would have a little bit of recycling fun...using some crafty store cupboard products and the gorgeous die cut flowers from the Flower Shop Pop-Up Box Cards Kit 
 and before you know...the make-over is complete...from this to this in a few easy steps...
I started off by painting the cups with 2 coats of Gesso and left them to dry overnight but 20 minutes between each coat would be enough time if you are in a hurry.  Then I applied a coat of Vintage Photo Distress Paint...easy peasy with the built-in dabber and once that was dry applied a coat of Crackle Paint. I left that for 20 minutes until it felt tacky to the touch and then applied a coat of Antique Linen Distress Paint...suddenly as if by magic the crackles start to appear...small and bearly noticeable if you applied your top coat sparingly...large definitely crackled if you have been more generous.  And with the addition of some die cut flowers I had left over from the Flower Shop Pop Up Box Cards Kit...I've got the perfect decorations for my Easter Sunday Lunch Table.
 I layered up the flowers and decorated the centre of each one with Candi.  I covered a strip of card with washi tape and cut into strips to make the flower stems. I then cut strips of card roughly the width of the cups with a little extra at each side to create a fold back...similar to the struts used for the pop-up hold the flowers in place in the pots but I found they also made the paper cups a little more rigid.
 I tied ribbon round the top of the pot...finishing off with a bow and a tag cut from the paper sections that came with the Flower Shop Pop-Up Box Card Kit...
 I pushed shredded tissue down between each strut until each pot was filled to the brim and placed some yummy mini eggs on top...the perfect sweet treat for your guests to enjoy with their after-lunch coffee
Enjoy your weekend whatever you have planned
and I'll see you next time
Hugs Kath xxx

Friday, 18 April 2014

Candi Club Friday - A little Easter Candi ......

Happy Easter!

Let's hope this finds you all well and looking forward to a nice long holiday weekend with loved ones and lots of chocolate! We're having a nice quiet one at home and after a very busy few weeks I can't wait to just do very little, needless to say I will probably not be able relax without a little crafting of some kind, I'm not used to sitting with nothing in my hands to keep them busy, might do some crochet for a change.

Let's start with a couple more Limericks today and some of your survey responses.... Speaking of surveys I'm still waiting for some of you to send your addresses so I can post a little gift to you,

Emma Playford

The thing that I love about candi
Is the fact that it's really so handy
You can use it 'as is'
Create flowers ... the biz!
Making projects incredibly dandy


Craftwork cards are simple & sweet
Julie, the host, I'd like to meet,
She always explains things as clear as can be
Her programmes are always a must to see.
Her samples & demos are hard to beat.       I love Candi xx

Amanda said .........

Here we go and great candi week, well done everyone
1.  What would you say about Candi in your dictionary?
A more practical alternative to brads, in a myriad of colours, which can be used in a variety of different ways.
2.  Do you have lots of a Candi?
Yes, I do, my niece, Nia LOVES Candi
3.   How many varieties?
I am not sure, I am not even, going to count the different colour ways
4.   How do you store it? (Happy to see pic, in fact would love to!)
I use boxes that are intended for sewing bobbins
5.   If you use Candi boxes, how do you know what's in the boxes?
6.   Do you have a Candi index or library of patterns, colours etc.?
No I just go with the flow
7.   Do you use with Candi fix? If so do you stick the fix to the Candi or pop on the card/project and then pop on the Candi on top?
Yes I do have candi fix.  I used to pop the fix onto the project but I found that on times I'd make a mistake, now I fix candi fix to candi and then fix to project
8.   What's your main use of Candi?
Card projects, I am experimenting with making candi items and I have found them useful for scrap projects
9.   Any ideas or thoughts on what else we can do to with Candi?
I do think that maybe a larger version of candi in maybe a white, then that can be customised to suit a project, colouring stamping etc.  you would not want to have too many large ones but the availability
of a larger size would be interesting.
10.  If there was a Candi workshop in your area, would you want to attend? If so, where do you live? 
Yes I would but as I live in Port Talbot, South Wales, I'd end up travelling miles away, nothing ever comes this way and we are lucky if we get a craft event in Cardiff.

A simple little Easter card today, with some of my favourite Kitsch papers and some older Candi that goes so well with the papers! The egg shapes were from some advertising that came in the mail so I just made a template and cut to the folded edge of a card too make into egg shaped card.  Have just noticed how crooked my pic is! I was only on coffee - honestly!!!)

Ever since I started using Candi - quite a few years ago now - I have been making  little Easter baskets and filling with lots of  mini eggs and gifts for friends and family....  I used a cupcake/muffin paper to make a template, just cut along one of the pleats to the circular base, cut out the base and you are left with a bias cut 'skirt' (this makes a great skirt for a mannequin too!) simply draw around - it won't be perfect but Candi hides a multitude, stick to a circular disc and add a  little handle to form your basket, then decorate and fill to the brim with mini eggs.  When I have done them all I will pop in a cello bag and tie with some pretty ribbon.....

And one for the road.........

How much better would this look with some Candi?? .... if only I'd had more time!

I haven't used any Candi on this make today, (a little Botanical Easter bonnet) only though because I was running against the clock to get it in the mail for Create & Craft TV (and it still didn't get there on time!)  to me it's plain to see that it looks unfinished and a row of Candi would have finished off the top rim,  I also intended to dot the muslin 'frill' on the brim with some random pieces of Candi.  Candi not only enhances but helps to hide a multitude of crafting sins too, just like the edge along the top of the bonnet, Candi would have masked the join.......... (Base is made from the polystyrene base that came from under a pizza!)

Definitely needs Candi - cookie dough I think would blend in nicely.....

That's it till next week folks, if any of you have made any cards or creations featuring Candi I would love to feature them on the blog, from next week will be giving away some gifts every month for submissions, maybe I won't have such a quiet Easter after all, I'd better get making them, lol!! Enjoy the holiday season whatever you get up to and hope there's lots of chocolate involved too!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Focus on You - Winners Announced!

Hi everyone I'm back again with my usual Focus on You Post!  Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying this wonderful weather - let's hope it stays for the upcoming Easter weekend - have fun whatever you are doing!

So this week I've got the lovely task of announcing two winners.  One is the regular monthly prize draw and the other is last weeks Kitsch Post Winner... so here we go

Firstly the March prize draw... drum roll please.....

I picked a name out of my "hat"

and the winner is....


Tracey please e-mail me your postal address and I will arrange for your prize to be sent to you!

The Kitsch Special Post winner is: LISE COOKE Lise stormed ahead with 22 votes!! WOW!  Lise I will organise your £25 online Craftwork Cards voucher - so will be in touch!

Thank you to everyone who voted and to everyone who sent me their creations to be included in this draw - I couldn't do it without you!

So back to this week first up is... (and as always in no particular order) we have:-


Dawn your decorated wreath is just sooooo pretty -  I'm sure your mum loved it as her gift for Mother's Day!!

Next up is


Wow Lisa I love how you've decorated this set of draws its a wonderful piece of beautiful creativity!

Next up is


Linda a truly beautiful card - I love everything about it - especially the big scrummy bow!

Next up is


Liz made this beautiful heart wall hanging decoration - its gorgeous Liz - thanks so much for letting me share it on the blog.

I hope you agree with me that the creations this week are all STUNNING.  We have such creative customers out there - please keep your projects coming!

A reminder of this month's prize....
Monochrome Paper Blox Pad
 Vintage Flora Paper Blox Pad
 10 Mini twister cards - Elegant

So to be in with a chance to win this month's prize all you have to do is e-mail me at with a project you've made using Craftwork Card products.  Anyone who gets featured on the blog in the month of April will be put into a draw for the April prize.  Don't worry if you don't get featured in April as you WILL get featured in future postings and each month there will be a different prize up for grabs!!!  Hopefully that all makes sense!

Don't forget to pop over and have a look at the Pinterest boards found here too, where you will find plenty more inspiration - there is even a board dedicated to Focus on You!

See you next month, until then... Have a great Easter weekend, and....

Happy Crafting


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

More Pop-Up Cards: Cake Shop!

Hi everyone is my turn up on the bog today.  I hope that you've all had a great weekend and are looking forward to Easter which is fast approaching!  Hope that you've got some nice plans and let's keep our fingers crossed for some nice weather!!

So today I wanted to share with you yet more Pop-up cards that I've made recently.  Hope you enjoy my little share today!  These were all made with the Cake Shop kit found here.  I love this kit its just so cute!

And some close ups

That is it from me for today, do pop back again tomorrow for yet more lovely inspirations from the DT.

Until next time.....

Happy Crafting


Monday, 14 April 2014

Kitsch Chalkboard

Hi Everyone Jo here, hope you are all well and enjoying a bit of a spring feeling.  It's been a while since I posted on the blog but hopefully things are getting back on track and I'm getting back to crafting.  So, what I've got to show you, I've actually had made for a bit.  I hope you like it...

I saw the plain black chalk board in a shop and it just needed decorating, so I thought I would try out some of the flower tutorials from the Paper Artistry booklet using the fab double sided Kitsch papers.  Here are a few more closeups...

A couple more photos of flowers and bows round the edge...

And finally I wanted to show you the Mother's Day card I made for my mum.  I used the Flower Shop card kit.  I love it and it is so easy to use...

Well, that's it from me for now.  I hope you like my little makes.  Be sure to keep an eye on the Pinterest boards and on the website and there are loads of inspiration and new products to be had.  See you soon.

Jo x

Sunday, 13 April 2014

A little bit of everything

Morning all !

So this month I thought I would share my pocket envelope and card sets, made with time flies and botanica.
Time flies is one of my all time favourites and botanica another favourite but then we are very spoilt as every collection that comes out seems to be my favourite.
So here we go....

I ran these as workshops and my ladies really enjoyed making them.

I also want to share this with you I have to say it took a while as it stands 12 inches tall and 6 inches wide .I used 2 A3 sheets of card.

I hope you like my makes this month and I look forward to sharing more with you next month until then Happy Crafting!

Tune in to Create and Craft on Monday 14th April in the evening at 8pm or 11pm for their extended live hours to celebrate their birthday or Tuesday 15th April at 11am, 1pm or 6pm and see all the beautiful new kits!  They are out of this world! You wait till you see what Steph has drawn now!

Hazel xx