Monday, 19 August 2013

Bohemian Butterfly and box.

Hi Everyone.

Kim here on this Monday morning and if you thinking "oh no its Monday already " you have come to the right place to put that smile firmly back in place. I always think the same thing every Monday as I am off out the door to work but then getting into my crafty zone always makes me look forward to leaving these blogs for you all.
So what have you crafted this weekend? did you get into the ol craft room or did you get out and about, let us no?
Ok without jabbering on any longer I have 2 projects to show you the first being with the shaped cards I was lucky to get while I was at Stamperama just over a week ago (craftwork of course, the quality is 2nd to none). It feature's The Bohemian Collection paper and Chantily olive Candi all matching from a little while ago but paper still available online or as a download for your computer so you can print as many as you like.

I wish I was a better photographer but my late husband was the amazing one with a lens, me... not so much . These cards truly do look so much better in person with all the texture and glitter the way the light bounces off all the colours etc really isn't picked up here at all.
 You can see the little Bow here from the bow pads and I just added several rows of matching Candi to it.
 Here's a close up of the Butterfly I used in several layers with lots of glitter and gems too.

 This is of course the inside to match as always.

I wanted again to show that you do not need to have a die cutting machine If your budget does not allow as these flowers are all made cutting a spiral free hand and rolling it up ,gluing and bending the petals back, of course the little swirls and leaves were die cut but they aren't essential and you could cut leaves by hand. Thank fully the bows are all die-cut in the pads already you just pop them out and shape then in the style you want. Mix and match etc.

The 2nd item today is a 6x6 box that is also Craftwork cards. These boxes are so easy to put together and take no time at all.
 More flowers hand cut and some Candi crushed with a gem inside too.
 Here is a close up of the glittered flowers etc.

I chose some nice vintage looking lace for the bow and some strung pearl beads to go around the edge instead of ribbon. This picture shows the paper from the Bohemian collection all glittering and amazing. There is just so much glitter on this paper , I just managed to tilt it enough to catch a glimpse of it.
As this is my first post since I ventured to the Stamperama Craft event last week I thought I would mention how lovely it was seeing our Sue and Julie and how amazing the stand looked, well done ladies. I am looking forward to going to Aly Paly next month and seeing the girls again so hopefully you will all get chance to pop up to the event and go to say hi and get your Craftwork goodies.

So Have a great Monday guys and I really do hope you like the goodies I made with this amazing collection and I look forward to being back on the 26th.

Crafty hugs to all


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